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2017 Competition Result
23-Apr Sunday game Winner_Nick Savage Net 51, R/up Breda Finnegan Net52, [ob9] Trish Cox 
14-Apr Easter Winner_Breda Finnegan Net 45, R/up Trish Cox Net 48[ob9] Patricia Delaney
09-Apr Sunday game Winner_Ronnie Delaney Net 53 [ob6] R/up Joan Homan
02-Apr Sunday game Winner_Noel Dunne Net 47[ob9] R/up Breda Finnegan
26-Mar O'Connor Cup Winner_Josie Cahill Net 48, R/up Kieran Warren Net 49
19-Mar Threeball Scramble Winners_Ronnie Delaney, Kieran Warren & Breda Finnegan
12-Mar Sunday game Winner_Christy Penrose Net 48, R/up Trish Cox Net 49
05-Mar Three Ball Scramble Winners_Ronnie Delaney, Nick Savage & Breda Finnegan G59
26-Feb Sunday game Winner_Breda Finnegan Net 51, R/up Trish Cox Net 52
19-Feb Sunday game Winner_Seamus Dunphy Net 47, R/up Josie Cahill Net 50
12-Feb Sunday game Winner_Nick Savage Net 50, r/up Mary O'Sullivan Net 54
05-Feb Sunday game Winner_Bridget Ing Net 48, R/up Ronnie Delaney Net 51
29-Jan Three Ball scramble Winners_Martin Cullen, Nick Savage & Breda Finnegan G47
22-Jan Pairs Scramble Winners_ Noel Dunne & Patrick McDentt Net 50



2015 Competition Result
22-Nov Xmas Turkeys Winners_Tommy McCann & Mary Kennedy Net50
01-Nov Xmas Turkeys Winners_Joan Homan & Sue Browne Net 42.
26-Oct Ladie Cup Winner_Josie Cahill Net 47, R/up Bernie O’Driscoll Net 51
26-Oct Bartle Maxwell Shield Winner_ Jerry Shanahan Net 49, R/up Derek Thrumper Net 50
24-Oct McDonnell Cup Winner Winner_John Fitzpatrick Net 147, R/up Martin Cullen Net 149, 3rd Paul Ellis Net 152.
24-Oct McD Cup Final Gme Winner_Paul Ellis Net 46, R/up Eddie Madden Net 49
18-Oct Sunday Game Winner_ Ronnie Delaney net 48, R/up Tommy McCann Net 48
11-Oct Pairs Scramble Winners_JimmyBrowne & Liam O'Rourke, R/up John Fitzpatrick & Steven Rowe Net 44
10-Oct McDonnell Bellewstown Winner_Martin Cullen Net 51, R/up Eddie Madden Net 54
04-Oct Sunday Game Winner_ Trish Cox Net 48[ob9],Shelly O'Shea. 
03-Oct McDonnell Cup Malahide Winner_ Martin Cullen Net 46, R/up John Fitzpatrick Net 49
27-Sep Club Championship Winner_ Jimmy Browne Net 91, R/up Joan Homan Net 94[ob9] from Liam O'Rourke
26-Sep McDonnell Cup Brock Winner_ Paul Ellis Net 49, R/up Breda Finnegan Net 52[ob9]
20-Sep Champ 2nd  game Winner- Liam O'Rourke Net 46 [ob9] from Jimmy Browne 
19-Sep McDonnell Cup Hme Winner_ Josie Cahill Net 47, R/up  Shelly O'Shea Net 48 [ob9]
13-Sep Champ 1st game Winnwe_Liam O'Rourke Net 47, R/up Joan Homan Net 48 [ob6]
06-Sep Sunday Game Winner_ Steven Rowe Net48, R/up Sue Browne net 49
31-Aug Sunday Game Winner_Steven Rowe Net47, R/up Liam O’Rourke Net 48.
24-Aug Sunday Game Winner Jimmy Browne Net 47, R/up Billy O’Brien net52 [ob9]
16-Aug Sunday Game Winner_Liam O'Rourke Net 46, R/up Marie Delaney Net 49
09-Aug Sunday Game Winner_Joan Homan Net 45, R/up Jimmy Browne Net 49 [0b9]
02-Aug Sunday Game Winner_Shelly O'Shea Net 48 [ob9] R/up Steven Rowe Net 48
19-Jul Sunday Game Winner_Bridget Ing net 45, R/up John Fitzpatrick Net 49.
12-Jul Sunday Game Winner_Joan Homan Net 49 [ob9], R/up Jimmy Browne.
05-Jul Pairs Scramble Winners _Ronnie Delaney & Trish Cox G47, R/up John Fitzpatrick & Mary Kennedy G51
28-Jun Sunday Game Winner_Jimmy Browne Net 47, R/up Joan Homan Net 50 [ob9] 
24-Jun Away evening Brock Inn Winners_Aidan O’Donovan, Eddie Madden & Ann McDonnell G46. R/up Paul Leonard, Gerry Shanahan & Josie Cahill G48
21-Jun Jack Fitzsimons Prize Winner_ Patricia Delaney Net 46, R/up Marie Delaney Net 49. Top Gross Jimmy Browne G51
14-Jun Pairs Scramble Winners _Jimmy Browne & Bridget Ing Net 39, R/up Liam O'Rourke & Shelly O'Shea Net43 [ob9]
07-Jun Sunday Game Winner Bridget Ing Net48, R/up Patricia Delaney Net49
31-May Sunday Game Winner Josie Cahill net 48, R/up Ann McDonnell Net 54 [ob9]
24-May Mulvany Cup Winner _Trish Cox net 46, R/up Patricia Delaney Net 49. Nearest the pin on the 4th Patricia Delaney
17-May Sunday Game Winners_Mary Kennedy Net 48, R/up Tommy McCann Net 51[ob9]
10-May Pairs Scramble Winners_John Fitzpatrick & Mary Kennedy Net Net 42, R/up Jimmy Browne & Patricia Delaney Net 44
26-Apr Sunday Game Winner_Mary Kennedy Net 48, R/up Josie Cahill Net 51
19-Apr Sunday Game Winner_Mary Kennedy Net 50, R/up Liam O'Rourke Net 52
03-Apr Good Fri Easter Major Winner Gerry Levins Net52 [[ob6] R/up Josie Cahill[ob9] 3rd Martin Cullen
22-Mar Pairs Scramble Winners_ Steven Rowe & Jimmy Browne Net 43, R/up Joan Homan & Tommy McCann Net 45[of6]
17-Mar O'Connor Cup Winner_Gerry Levins Net51, Rup Bridget Ing Net 52 [ob9]
15-Mar Sunday Game Winner_Steven Rowe Net48, R/up Josie Cahill Net 49.
08-Mar Sunday Game Winner_Colm Homan net 51, R/up Bridget Ing Net 51 [ob9]
N/A No Games Bad weather prevented play on 22nd Feb and 1st March.
15-Feb Pairs Scramble Winners_ Nick Savage & Ronnie Delaney Net 43
08-Feb Pairs Scramble Winners_John Cahill & Bridget Ing Net 40
01-Feb Three Ball Scramble Winners_ Ronnie Delaney, Nick Savage & Ann McDonnell G72
25-Jan Three Ball Scramble Winners_Tommy McCann, Eddie Madden & Bridget Ing G71 
11-Jan Pairs Scramble Winners Tommy McCann & Ann McDonnell Net45 [ob6] R/up Eddie Madden & Steven Rowe
04-Jan Three Ball Scramble Winners_ Ronnie Delaney, Nick Savage & Ann McDonnell G62


2014 Competition Result
14-Dec Xmas Turkeys Winners_ Ronnie Tommy McCann Ann McDonnell & Vincent Lally G62, Nearest the pin on 3rd shared with a Hole in one for Mary Kennedy & Tommy McCann 
07-Dec Xmas Turkeys Winners Trish Cox & Robbie Jameson Net 43 [oF6], R/up Patricia Delaney & Steven Rowe. 
30-Nov Xmas Turkeys Winners_Bernie O'Driscoll & Tommy McCann Net 42, R/up Breda Finnegan & John Cahill Net 43.
09-Nov Xmas Turkeys Winners_Jimmy Browne & Liam O'Rourke Net 39.
02-Nov Xmas Turkeys Winners_Billy O'Brien & Bernie O'Driscoll Net 36
25-Oct McDonnell Cup Results. Winner_John Cahill Net 153, R/Up Trish Cox Net 155[ob9] 3rd Gerry Shanahan
25-Oct McDonnell Cup Final Home Winner _Josie Cahill Net 47, R/up Trish Cox Net 49
19-Oct Sunday Game Winner_ Liam O'Rourke Net 49, R/up Jimmy Browne 51.
12-Oct Sunday Game Winner_Steven Rowe Net45, R/Up Tommy McCann Net 51 .
11-Oct Mc Donnell Cup Laywown Winner_ Gerry Shanahan Bet 51, R/Up James Carroll Net 52.
05-Oct Sunday Game Winner_Steven Rowe Net49, R/up Jimmy Browne Net 53 [ob9]
04-Oct Golf Challenge P3 Malahide Winners_John Cahill, Martin Cullen & Bridget Ing G55, R/up Ronie Delaney, Frank Hughes & Mary Kennedy G58
28-Sep Sunday Game Winner_Ronnie Delaney Net 51[ob6] R/up Liam O'Rourke
27-Sep McDonell Cup Malahide Winner_Trish Cox Net 50, R/up Bernie O'Driscoll Net 51[ob9]
21-Sep Sunday Game Winner_Patricia Delaney Net 48, R/up Liam O'Rourke Net 49.
20-Sep McDonnell Cup Brock Winner_John Cahill Net 50, R/up Mick Daly Net 51
14-Sep Sunday Game Winner_Sue Browne Net52, R/up John Fitzpatrick Net 53[ob6]
13-Sep McDonnell Cup Home Winner_Gerry Shanahan Net50, R/up_Breda Finnegan Net 51
06-Sep Sunday Game Winnwe_Breda Finnegan Net 50, R/up Eddie Madden [ob9]
31-Aug Sunday Game Winner_ Tommy McCann Net 48 R/up Ronnie Delaney Net 50
29-Aug Ladies Cup Winner_Josie Cahill Net 49, r/up Trish Cox Net 52
24-Aug Bartle Maxwell Shield Winner_Billy O'Brien Net 44, R/up Jimmy Browne Net 48
20-Aug Julianstown Three Ball Winners_ Jimmy Browne, Liam O'Rourke & Patricia Delaney G53. R/up Eddie Madden, Frank Hughes & Bernie O’Driscoll Net 54
17-Aug Chapionship Final Winner_Eddie Madden Net 50. R/up Marie Delaney Net 52
10-Aug Sunday Game Winner_Liam O'Rourke Net44, R/up Jimmy Browne Net 46
03-Aug Sunday Game Winner_John Fitzpatrick Net 49, R/up Eddie Madden after playoff hole.
29-Jul Ladies Beginners League Winner_Josie Cahill Net97, R/up Bernie O'Driscoll Net 108 over 36 holes. Long Putt winner Trish Cox.
27-Jul Sunday Game Winner_ Josie Cahill Net47 R/up Martin Cullen Net49
23-Jul Golf Challenge Walker Cup Winners_Gerry Shanahan, Rory Homan & Ann Mc Donnell G53. R/up Peter Flynn, Frank Hughes & Bridget Ing G54.
20-Jul Sunday Game Winner_Joan Homan Net48 [ob9] R/up Irene Parkinson.
13-Jul Pairs Scramble Winners_Jimmy Browne & Josie Cahill Net 35. R/up Eddie Madden & Marie Delaney Net40.
12-Jul Ladies League Winners_Marie Delaney & Josie Cahill Net157[ob9] R/up Irene Parkinson & Patricia Delaney 
06-Jul Sunday Game Winner_Josie Cahill Net48, R/up Tommy McCann Net49 
29-Jun Sunday Game Winner_Marie Delaney Net 48, R/up Ann McDonnell Net 50
25-Jun Deer Park scramble Winners_John Cahill, Gerry Shanahan, Sue Browne & Patricia Delaney G49. R/up Rory Homan, Eddie Madden & Bernie O'Driscoll G51[ob9]
22-Jun Sunday Game Winner_Jimmy Browne Net51, R/up Eddie Madden Net52
15-Jun Jack Fitzsimons Prize Winner_ Eddie Madden Net48, R/up John Cahill Net 51[ob9] Best Gross James Carroll G51.
08-Jun Sunday Game Winner_Tommy McCann Net 49  R/up Steven Rowe Net 50
01-Jun Sunday Game Winner_Eddie Madden Net 48, R/up Tommy McCann Net 49
31-May Mulvany Cup Winner_ James Temple G46, R/up Irene Parkinson Net 49
25-May Sunday Game Winner_Patricia Delaney Net 43 R/Up Bridget Ing [ob6]
18-May Sunday Game Winner_Joan Homan Net52 R/Up Jimmy Browne Net53 [ob9]
11-May Pairs Scramble Winners, Tommy McCann & Irene Parkinson Net 42
04-May Sunday Game Winner_John CahillNet46 R/up Joan Homan Net 48
27-Apr Sunday Game Winner_Nick Savage Net51 [ob6] R/up Jimmy Browne
18-Apr Easter Winner__Rory Homan Net48 R/up Marie Delaney Net51
13-Apr Pairs Scramble Winners_Martin Cullen & Ann McDonnell Net 41
06-Apr Sunday Game Winner_Eddie Madden Net 47 R/up Ronnie Delaney G49
30-Mar Sunday Game Winner_Tommy McCann Net 47 [ob9] R/up Josie Cahill
23-Mar Sunday Game Winner_ John Cahill Net 50 [ob9] R/up Jimmy Browne.
17-Mar O'Connor Cup Winner_Irene Parkinson Net48, R/up Ronnie Delaney G49
16-Mar Sunday Game Winner__Irene Parkinson Net 49, R/up Martin Cullen Net 50.
09-Mar Sunday Game Winner__Tommy McCann Net 48, R/up Josie Cahill net 50 [ob9]
02-Mar Three Ball scramble Winners_Martin Cullen, Joh Cahill & Marie Delaney Net44
23-Feb Three Ball scramble Winners__Ronnie Delaney, Tommy McCann & Mary Kennedy G68
16-Feb Pairs Scramble Winners__ John Fitzpatrick & Joan Homan Net 44. 
09-Feb Pairs Scramble Winners__Martin Cullen & Mary Terry Net 44. 
02-Feb Pairs Scramble Winners__Ronnie Delaney & Anthony Parkinson Net 41. 
26-Jan Three Ball scramble Winners__Martin Cullen Tommy McCann & Mary Terry Net45
19-Jan Pairs Scramble Winners_Jimmy Browne & Josie Cahill Net 41
12-Jan Pairs Scramble Winners_Steven Rowe & Ann McDonnell Net 48


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